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Jupiter Cleaning Services Inc. is  incorporated  Green Company been established to provide varieties of cleaning services suitable for residential and commercial needs on essential bases that make us different and distinguish.


We have been able to provide our customers with quality for our services to make them satisfied and to gain their trust. Which we could see today through all our customer's reviews.


We consume less time with efficient cleaning as we have well-trained teams fully understanding the cleaning process.

Customer Services:-

Before and After the cleaning process we walk-through all the details with our customers to understand their needs and to make sure that everything been done as their wishes.

Booking and Payment Process:-

We value the time of our customers for that we were able to provide a booking online method, so the customer could pick the date and time as per their availability.

Once the service is done, we will be emailing the invoice so our customer could settle it online.
We follow contact-less precautions as a new method after Covid-19 and for saving our customer's time.

Used Chemical Supplies:-

One of the major bases in our service was to have all our chemicals Eco-Friendly and Pets-Friendly. As the health of our customers and their families is the most priority to us.
Also, all our used chemicals are approved by EPA.

Our Team:- 

All our team members have been well trained with a lot of courses on the cleaning efficiency principles which help them to take care of the details during the process of the service and the safety precautions of wearing masks, gloves and shoe covers.

Customer Satisfaction:-

That's our biggest challenge and also our target. For that, we deal with every single new task as a challenge to get our customers satisfied with the service.

Based on that, we are having big support from our customers through their reviews about the service, recommending us to new customers and referring us to their families and friends.

Covid-19 Precautions:-

Since the beginning of this pandemic, we have been able to train our teams with all the available information from CDC on how to protect themselves by wearing masks all the time, sanitizing their hands, wearing shoe covers and maintaining 6 ft distance.

Also, we have been able to serve a lot of customers during this time with our services for Sanitizing and Disinfection

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